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Marbro in Depth

Africa's Green Team

The Marbro Group has one goal: To use technology for the benefit of humanity and the environment. Everything we do will be for the betterment of the world, one way or another. We started our journey in 2015, today, we have our clearest vision on the impact we want to have. This isn't to say that our journey will be without challenges, but we are willing and able to make a difference.

What We Do

Today, we are working on projects that will improve the environment. Our flagship project, Ping!, will see over 70 tons of CO2 emissions savings per year! Other projects include QuoMotion: The Future of Crowdsourcing and our Project: Sky Garden, a green agricultural project that will bring year-around fruits and vegetables in places where availability is limited by seasonal changes. We won't be stopping there though! Be on the look out for more and more projects!

Quality Over Quantity

The Marbro Group has a small team. But make no mistake, even the tallest tree on the planet could once fit in your pocket. Our size is the result of meticulous planning, to ensure we have a pure and unaltered vision that our eventual staff can adhere to with minimal confusion. 2017 is our year of growth as we look to grow by over 500% before the year's end. We won't sacrifice quality fo the sake of having a larger company, if we choose you, it's only because we believe we can help you as much as you can help us!

The Marbro Group


Industry: Multi-Sectorial

Employees: 38 (projected year end) Founded: April 2015 

N.I.N.E.A (TIN) : 005539492 

DUNS: 561226488




Adam M. Brown, CEO 

Kyle M. Brown, COO 



Mandiaye Ndao  

Djibril Diaw

Legal: SCP Pape Ismael Ka et Alioune Ka Notaires  


The Marbro Group is an innovative company, looking to improve upon already existing commodities through user feedback  collective experiences from different cultures and technology. Our focus is on improving the implementation of new technologies to make everyday life easier. The company currently has filled vacancies for the following positions:


Chief Executive Officer, Adam M. Brown  

Chief Operating Officer, Kyle M. Brown

Director of Communications and Public Relations, Abdou Aziz Kane 

Adam M. Brown cofounded the company and serves as President and CEO. His expertise is in financial management having served in the US Army as one of four Financial Specialist before transitioning over to the US Government to carry on as an Accounts Analyst for the United States Department of Justice. Customer service is of the highest value to him, which was on display as he held his position as French/Wolof/English linguist with Avaza Language Services. Mr. Brown holds a Bachelor degree in Business Management.    

Kyle Brown is Co-Founder, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of The Marbro Group. His studies are in Computer Network Management. He has a background in the United States Navy as an intelligence analyst. His extensive prior experience in the restaurant industry further validates his role as Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Brown has received multiple awards for his military service and achievements highlighting his high level of dedication and commitment towards his passions.