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The Marbro Group
The Marbro Group

  • Project: Eden

    Africa's Green Farm

    In essence, we are harnessing the sun to create precise agro-climatic conditions allowing us to give more to the earth than we take from the earth.

    Year round production

    Without naturally imposed limitations, we pave the way for annual agriculture!

    The word around Eden

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    Project: Ping!

    West Africa's First 100% Electric Cab Company

    The introduction of Ping! is the first phase of the process of easing the electric vehicle into the African Market

    A breathe of fresh air, literally

    Ping! can spare over 70 metric tons of CO2 emissions annually, making the air around you much cleaner.

    Project: QuoMotion


    The Investor on demand crowdsourcing platform made for the entrepreneur.

    Time is money...

    QuoMotion allows the entrepreneur to save valuable time by dispatching brokers to crowdsource projects

    The word around QuoMotion